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Specialty restaurant on Rubinstein street. Biblical and antique themes can be
found in the interior of four Gods rooms: one of the walls is decorated with a
fresco depicting the Madonna
GODS - новый необычный ресторан на Рубинштейна
Restaurant Gods' menu is built, as the authors explain, "on the idea of
researching taste
The gastronomic idea of Gods is in a combination of different tastes and
national cuisines, the rethinking of classic recipes, and emphasis to serving
GODS - it's a story of enlightenment and cognition; art in its purest form which
manifests itself in everything: interior, dishes, cocktails. The owner and
ideological mastermind of the GODS project Rada Bagelfer assures that despite
the name the project has nothing in common with the religion
The Gods finally came down to us - almost a year on Rubinstein, 16 under the
bold sign with a crown of thorns there was the construction of the Gods
Opening hours
Tue-Sat: 12:00-02:00
Sun: 13:00-02:00
Mon: 14:00-02:00
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Russia, Saint Petersburg, Rubinshteyna street, 16